Women In Business Society: A Track 3 Event

Having attended  a meeting on Tuesday, October 29 with the Villanova Women in Business Society, I left with a good understanding of how to dress in the corporate world. The importance of dressing professionally was emphasized in order to illustrate just how important it is to put forward the best version of yourself as expressed through nice clothing to leave the best impression and compliment a professional attitude and ambition. From business casual to business professional, a sampling of outfits were provided to help give a clear idea. It is especially important for a professional woman in the corporate world to own a tailored suit for any number of events that might require it. This point was greatly emphasized. Since I find visual aids so helpful, my YouTube video is an slideshow accumulation of images of professional clothing and that which should be avoided. I found the event to be very helpful because I personally do not own many business casual or professional items and didn’t know exactly where to start, but this meeting of WIB gave me a great idea.



Careers in Corporate Finance and Corporate Accounting Panel

On September 16 in Driscoll Hall, I attended an informational panel on Careers in Corporate Finance and Corporate Accounting. Moderated by Dr. Robert West of the Accountancy Department, the panel included accomplished representatives from such major companies as Univision, Campbell’s Soup, Bank of America, and Barclays. The representatives included many Villanova alumni who are now directors, executives, and assistant vice presidents in the field of accounting and finance. 

The panel began by introducing the requirements of new hires, such as their specific mentorship programs and training processes. Many involved training They stressed the importance of mobility to expand the work experience and contribute to self-discovery. 

Many of the attendees were upperclassmen and asked the panel questions about job-seeking advice. The panel stressed the importance of language skills and remaining inquisitive. They also noted the importance of a good understanding of the Microsoft Excel program and gave advice on the interview process. Of particular interest was their shared view that a prospective employee who is able to guide the interview and ask questions is of value. They also seemed to share the idea that self-pity and a sense of false entitlement are two of the biggest turnoffs to employers who are looking to hire new workers at a major firm. I could see that each of the panelists seemed to be a valuable and knowledgeable part of their respective firms.

While I appreciated the advice that the panelists had to offer, I expected the information to be more tailored to accounting and finance specifically. The information was certainly helpful to a student entering the job market, but as an undecided student I was not able to glean much information on the particular career field. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay for the Networking Reception that followed to have the opportunity to speak to the panelists personally. That might have been able to enhance my experience. Otherwise, while I left with not much of an understanding on careers in finance and accounting, I would say that this event put on by the Accounting Society certainly had some value.